Kaspersky has created an interactive map that shows real-time cybersecurity threats across the world. Its actual usefulness could be debated, but nonetheless, it’s a pretty interesting tool to view the cyber threat data by country.

Kaspersky’s instructions on how to use the map:

The globe spins with the help of your mouse, while the scroll wheel zooms in or out. Different types of threats are color-coded. The button in the lower left corner serves to provide a description of each threat (certain types of threats can be configured to be hidden for your convenience). The buttons to the right of the globe help to manage a view: besides a couple of necessary buttons, like ‘zoom’ and ‘share’, the panel includes three useful switches as well. One of the buttons changes color themes from ‘black’ to ‘white’, another allows you to change the language of the interface, and the third switches views between ‘globe’ and ‘2D map’ modes.

Here’s the map:

To get the full functionality of the map go here.

For more instructions and background on the map visit Kaspersky’s blog.